Thursday, June 16, 2011

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Set Bersalin Nona Roguy

Sesiapa yang berminat nak beli Set Bersalin Nona Roguy boleh contact
saya @ 012-345-3385
@ email:
RM 340 per SET consists of the following 6 products, good for 30 days of usage:
Phytonatal – 90 biji
Akar Herbanika – 10 packets
Minyak Herbanika – 100 ml
Uncang Cuci – 10 packets
Herbanika Lulur – 100 gm
Krim Barut – 60 gm
Price above excludes postage. Delivery can be arranged subject to availability.
Other products available: Bengkung Mia, Mandi Herba Aura & Kerusi Plastic Tangas
Sesiapa yang berminat nak baca pengalaman saya berpantang sendiri, boleh baca di sini.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Confinement Story

Alhamdulillah. Last Sunday marked my last day of confinement. Walaupun tak sesempurna as it should be, but am all happy and satisfied. Maybe because am more prepared this time. Finding confinement lady, beli set bersalin, siap ada kain batik color2x utk bergaya masa pantang etc.

Unlike the first time, kali ni aku berpantang di rumah sendiri. My sister gave birth slightly before me. So, she’s at my mom’s. Kesian pulak mak aku nak jaga reramai mak budak and budak2x. Plus, hubby has to work and Zara needs to go to school. It’d be a hassle for them to travel so far away on daily basis.

And since kami berpantang sendiri, hubby took a 1-week leave to take care of me and everything else. From taking care of Zara, to bathe Ziya every morning, to buying groceries and cooked pantang food and many more.

Although I delivered Ziya on 23/4, my real confinement regime did not start until a week later. The first 3 days/2 nights was spent being confined in my ward room at the hospital. So, by the time I was discharged on the 4th day, I was so happy to breathe fresh air and walking around the house. By the end of the week, badan dah rasa lemau. Ve-jay-jay pun rasa berat semacam jek. Hence, the beginning of my confinement regime.

And here’s my pantang story. What I did/took during the whole journey…

1. Set Bersalin

I took Set Bersalin Nona Roguy atas advice my confinement lady. Katanya, this is the most natural product of this sort. But I did not take the phytonatal pills/air akar herbanika right away. My experience with Zara, paed suruh berhenti makan jamu/herba cos takut affect baby.

Only recently I started taking the pills/air akar herbanika. After paed cleared Ziya from jaundice. Which was about a month after delivery. Tu pun, I took 1 pill every morning and drink a cup of air akar herbanika per day, after lunch. Pastu malaM minum Nu3Med satu teaspoon, before tido.

Uncang herbanika pun aku tak guna lagi. Patutnya guna untuk basuh ve-jay-jay. But since ubat dr bagi still banyak, think am just going to use it for mandi herba later. Only kena tambah dengan daun-daun lain lagi macam dlm instruction book yang dibagi together with the set tu.

Herbanika lulur tu pun, am planning to use after hantar Ziya gi school nanti. Senang sikit nak mandi lelama. Cos first, lulur need to be made into paste. Bila dah sapu kat badan, nak kena let them to set in kejap. Pastu baru mandi. Buat sekarang kang, mana nak kejar anak nangis lagi. Nak jadi sang puteri lagi. Tak sesuai.

But I started on the krim barut and minyak herbanika instantly. Sapu minyak herbanika kat perut. Followed by krim barut. Then, bengkung. Minyak herbanika ni aku sapu gak kat kaki. Maid la tolong. Sapu the oil on kaki, urut sikit-sikit and pakaikan stokin. And that same oil is also used to sapu kat badan after bath, kasi warm sikit.

2. Daily Diet

Everyday I make sure that I take 6 meals. Breakfast @ 8-9, snack @ 10-11, lunch @ 12-1, snack lagi @ 3-4, dinner @ 6-7 and snack lagi sekali @ 9-10. The last snack tu biasanya I drank milo jek.

I normally took roti for breakfast. Fruits/biscuits with hot milo for snacks. Lunch/dinner meals were cooked according to these recipe bo.oks. Nasi putih aku sedapkan by tabur-ing grounded black pepper and bawang goreng ala PCMC. Sedap jugak. Perut pun kenyang. You can view my pantang food here.

On top of the pantang food, I also add those foods that can increase milk supply i.e. kurma, pegaga, barli etc. I avoid anything berlemak/fried and everything that buku/orang kata takleh makan. I also drink a lot of water which aku letak dalam water bottle for easy access. Kalo tak, sure asik terlupa.

3. Confinement Lady

I had a great confinement lady from Puchong. Hasil recommendation by a blogger friend. Kebetulan pula, she’s a makcik to a colleague of mine.

Had her on the 7th, 8th and 9th day after delivery. And continued on the week after for another 3 days. In total, 6 days over the period of 2 weeks. I tried to book her for the weeks after but to no success. She had to give priority to others. Those who just delivered that is. Betul jugak. Okay lah for me, cos aku pun dah segar bugar macam orang lain.

The 1st day she came, she brought all sorts of daun and ingredients for my mandi herba and bertangas. Good thing I have a maid now. So every morning, she helped me boiled the daun in a pot of water for me to mandi herba. Lepas mandi, she prepared another pot for me to bertangas. All these were done before the confinement lady came @ 11am. When she came, we continued with tungku, urut and berbengkung.

Best-nya confinement lady ni, you’ll feel like princess after the whole massage and all. Dah pakai bengkung sure susah nak tunduk kan, no worries; she’ll put on the clothes and socks for you. After 2 weeks with her, I felt so pampered. Nak angkat jari buat kerja rumah pun malas. Haha! And she definitely has a lot to share. From past stories to petua-petua berguna.

4. Berbengkung

I used 3 types of bengkung throughout the first 3 weeks. 1 dapat free with the set bersalin Nona Roguy, another I bought from the confinement lady, and the last one is the barut baby style yang ikat byk2 kat depan tu.

Masuk 4th week, all bengkung felt loose. So I decided to upgrade to Triumph corset and girdle. Ketat sikit rasa, and hassle free. Plus, this corset is the one yang go underbust tu. So, u can still wear nursing bra with it. Senang kan.

On top of the above, I also bought the FabulousMom strap on binder tu. But either aku x reti pakai ke apa, but it seems like even size L pun is a little bit too tight for me.

All in all, okay lah pantang regime aku kan. Like I said before, walaupun tak sempurna, aku puas hati lah dengan usaha-usaha yang aku dah buat. Maid pun cakap kaki aku dah kecik. Hubby cakap perut aku lagi kempis dari before pregnant. A friend who met me a week after delivery, then met me again yesterday pun kata aku nampak kurus. Tak happy ko?

Aku happy. Sekian.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Hello from MyPantang!

Alhamdulillah. Berkat dari encouragement and advice from beloved family & friends, I finally launched my very own business of confinement related stuff - MyPantang

Unlike previously, I am more prepared to go through confinement this time, with my second baby. Jenuh jugak lah. I researched everywhere and read lots of books just to make sure my confinement period went smoothly. And it did...Alhamdulillah.

So, here I am. Sharing my knowledge, passion and my real life experiences about everything confinement. Hope it went well for you as well.

And in order to serve you better, we look forward for any suggestions/comments/feedbacks or even questions from you. Do drop us a note at

Take care and Selamat Berpantang!